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Company Overview
Exclusively Cards, Inc.(ECI) is a private graphic design house and specialty printing broker. ECI is owned and operated by Michael & Wendelynn Kohn. Founded in 2002, ECI entered the full color printing market when cost competitive card stock products were just being introduced to the marketplace. For years, full color printing was just too expensive for small businesses and totally unheard of for smaller print jobs, like business cards.

Now, full color printing has become one of the hottest new standards in low-cost marketing for businesses today. However, this has opened up the desire for even more customization of products like business cards and postcards through the use of heavier card stock, matte or gloss finishes and the use of personal and background photos.

In the summer of 2003, ECI launched our automated solutions software. This allows business owners and executives an opportunity to tap into all the new custom full color printing available, reduce costs and eliminate the administrative hassles associated with custom printing projects.

Fast forward to 2013 and you'll find ECI is still providing turnkey online solutions for marketing materials.